Christopher Dean or “Dean” as he has become to be known is a self-taught guitarsmith who trenched his way through the war zone of music theory with patience and due diligence, a trait that would help him years later inspiring the musicians of tomorrow at the Waldwick School of Rock(2011-2016). After receiving his first guitar on his 13th birthday, Dean joined and jammed with as many local bands as he could scoop up at local V.F.W. hall or bar punk and metal shows to expand his knowledge until finally joining with Darkness Descends in 2011 on 7 string lead guitar, which was a direct link to Loki in The Doomsday Prophecy/Michale Graves, as they played many packed house shows together. This relationship wound up turning into Dean and Loki joining forces two full US tours together in the band Darrow Chemical Company in 2013 and 2014 as well as a small stint in Canada(2015). Later in 2015 Dean played bass for Horror Ska legends The Independents on 5 string bass for a full US tour. Around then he was also a fill in lead guitarist for the Canadian punk rockers Black Cat Attack for Dave “Brownsound” Baksh, so he could rejoin SUM 41 on a surprise appearance at the AP awards while BCA was in the middle of a tour, among a few other shows in both US/CAN. The Majority of 2016 was spent collaborating with many artists including guest guitar solo on The Draf. ft. Retro Glam’s track “What I Do” leading to playing bass with Alyxx (former Retro Glam) as well as touring as the bassist of the thrash punk band Children of October on two east coast tours plus an album with them. Currently Dean is awaiting the release of his solo album Life Lessons due out Oct 13, 2017. Dean will be playing bass for Michale Graves on the Beginning of the End tour, alongside Loki and Tony Baptist. The tour runs from September thru December."